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Take Full Advantage Of The Tax Code - And Stop Leaving Money On The Table

The tax code is the key to unlocking more wealth for you and your family.

But most business owners, attorneys, doctors, real estate investors, and accountants have a limited understanding how to navigate these complex and constantly shifting tax laws.

That’s where our team of dedicated professionals come in.

We’re on a mission to unlock the tax code and make tax reduction strategies work for you.

I Want To Keep More Of My Wealth →

Your Taxes Are Optional

Affluent Americans in the 1% harness the power of the US tax code to build wealth.

You can too.

We'll show you how.

Grow Your Net Income

Traditional business advice prioritizes increasing topline revenue to boost profits…

But this approach is flawed - and the majority of businesses struggle to reach double-digit growth.
What if you could increase your net income without earning any extra revenue?
Unfortunately, most accountants and tax preparers don’t know how.

Have you ever felt your CPA is a compliance officer for the IRS?

Most try mitigate taxes at tax time, without considering what could’ve been done proactively to save you money.
When was the last time your tax consultant showed you a new idea to save or make you money?
That’s our passion at Financial Architects.

Experience the Financial Architects difference: forward-thinking, tax code experts with a proactive approach to reducing your tax liability.

Business Owners

Sell your business, pay far less tax, and maximize your profit.

Accounting Experts

Earn higher fees with strategies that 95% of CPAs don’t use.

High-Earning Doctors

Stop sending too much money to the IRS (it’s rightfully yours.)

Attorneys & Law Firms

Increase the value of your fees without charging $1 extra.

Real Estate Investors

Don’t let your property sale profit be devoured by taxes.

See How Other People Like You Have Reduced Their Taxes…

“Fix My Client’s Broken 1031! Please!”  

A CPA reached out for our help. His client had sold his property and was trying to buy an apartment building; the purchase fell through. The time window for harvesting the tax savings through the 1031 exchange was closing. That meant this real estate investor would be stuck with a very high tax bill for the sale of his property. The CPA asked, “Can you help fix this broken 1031?” We found a solution for this CPA and his client. 

Helped a Lawyer Decrease Taxes on Ordinary Income by $1.4M In a Single Tax Year  

We spoke with a frustrated lawyer. He said, “I work hard. Last year I earned more than $3 million. When my CPA told me I would pay almost half of that in taxes, I began to wonder whether it’s worth it. Is there anything you can do to lower my tax bill?” We were able to reduce this lawyer’s earned income from $3million to $500K. This resulted in significant tax saving.  

Helped Doctor Cut His Federal Taxes by $440K and His California State Taxes by $40K 

H, an orthopedic surgeon with a focus on personal injury generated $1.8M in annual income. He was feeling the tax pain. H worked with a CPA who came highly recommended by a colleague. H said to his CPA, “There must be something I can do to reduce my taxes.” His CPA reassured him that he was claiming all the legal deductions. H knew there must be a different way.  We created a comprehensive tax plan that cut his federal taxes by $440K and his California state taxes by $40K. Now this CPA sends other cases our way! 

Reducing Taxes by $26 Million When Selling a Business  

My client C worked diligently for years building his business manufacturing technology. Finally it was time to enjoy the fruits of his labors. He had a buyer willing to pay him $126 million for his business.  

His enthusiasm was dampened when his CPA told him how much he would owe in taxes. 

We created a comprehensive plan that resulted in $26 million in tax savings. This was $26 million more in his pocket. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Financial Architects is pretty simple, to put our clients in the best financial position we can. We challenge you to find a firm that does more to accomplish this task. We do our homework and research not just investment strategies, but on tax mitigation strategies, on building better relationships, and having a deep network of other relationships to accomplish our mission.

Meet The Team Ready To Grow Your Wealth Legally And Ethically

Sterling Louviere


Sterling Louviere is a veteran financial advisor with 30+ years of experience. He is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with Cabin Advisors and Registered Representative (RR) with Cabin Securities.

After a decade of working in the insurance business, in 1996 he started his own firm to focus on tax mitigation.

Over three decades he has built a suite of tools he uses with his client’s accountant and attorneys to reduce his client’s tax footprint and allow them to keep more of their own money.

Larry Steinberg


Larry is an experienced financial adviser, thought leader, and speaker. Larry is a published author and a regular speaker at conferences and events. He is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with Cabin Advisors and Registered Representative (RR) with Cabin Securities.

Larry started with Wells Fargo while attending Occidental College, went to Transamerica after graduation, and was a registered representative of SunAmerica Securities before starting his own firm at age 25.

He manages the firm’s investment portfolios using alternative and traditional investments focusing on after-tax returns for IRAs, trusts, qualified retirement plans, donor-advised funds, and captive insurance.

Vicki Rackner, MD, FACS


Vicki Rackner, MD, FACS calls on her 30+ year medical career as a practicing surgeon, clinical faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and serial entrepreneur to help doctors thrive.

As a nationally noted author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. Rackner builds the bridge between the world of business and the world of medicine.

She’s been quoted in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Physician Money Digest (to name a few.) She is the author of multiple books, including The Myth of the Rich Doctor, The 9 Money Mistakes Doctors Make, and How Doctors Build TrueWealth.

Amanda Nguyen


Amanda Nguyen elevates the client experience Financial Architects’ clients comment on her responsiveness, dedication, and white-glove service. 

Amanda assists in operations and client services for Financial Architects with her 10+ years of customer service in the financial industry. She started her career at a previous investment firm where she held several positions to help grow assets under management to over $1B and assisted clients/advisors with all their needs. She enjoys communicating with clients to support their needs and provide reassurance.

Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in Finance from California State University, Fullerton.

Hilda Andriasian


Hilda is the office manager and the glue that holds the firm together.

She joined the firm in 2001 and is essential in managing all operations - ensuring the i's get dotted and the t's get crossed.

She also handles all the medical insurance and employee benefits and knows the Affordable Care Act better than the legislators who voted for it.

Your Financial Success Is Our Commitment!

Your financial prosperity is not just a goal; it's our unwavering commitment. Our tax-saving strategies are designed with your success in mind, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money while staying compliant with the law. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to serving you and ensuring your financial well-being remains our top priority. Our commitment to serving you is unwavering, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. With our dedicated team by your side, you can trust that your financial well-being is in capable hands.

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